Month: December 2013


I started a blog called “Just Lose Faith”, but recently have been really tempted to post on topics that have nothing to do with atheism/religion/secularism/etc. So I decided to start a second blog.

I am interested in an endless number of topics, as I would assume most of us are.

But some of the things I’m most tempted to write about include:

Asexuality, sex education in general, sex in general, sex and romance in fiction (especially TV shows, which are my main passion), etc.

Feminism vs. egalistarianism, gender equality, LGBTQA+ issues, where I actually mean the BTQA+ part of the acronym, etc.

Child abuse, and I’m not planning on touching child sexual abuse (except perhaps in a much broader post about rape in general), but perhaps subjects more close to home for me including emotional/verbal abuse which is just as real as any other type.

Also, female-to-male abuses of any kind, or female-to-anyone, and these types of topic.

Issues of consent when it comes to sex.

Mental Health, Mental Illnesses, etc.

Platonic love vs. romantic love and what the difference maybe is or is not.

Grief from a secular point of view, and also various quite different types of grief, including grief where a person has not died, etc.

Some perhaps slightly controversial views on abortion, even for a pro-choice person

Some perhaps slightly controversial views on other topics as well, from a philosophical perspective.

Hi, I’m Emily, and I hope to start touching on a ton of these topics, which all fascinate me, asap.