Carnival of Aros – November 2020 Call for Submissions: “Commitment”

The Carnival of Aros is a month-long recurring blogging festival where bloggers on different platforms all write (or vlog, or create content) on a specific theme. Submissions are typically posted on everyone’s own blog (or whatever platform they use, such as YouTube). If you need me to host your post on my blog (as either a “guest post” submission crediting you or as an anonymous submission) please let me know. Different bloggers typically host the carnival each month. For more information about the Carnival of Aros, please look here! And don’t be afraid to host the carnival yourself sometime soon. The only rules are that a) submissions are tied back to aromanticism in some way, and b) the theme inspires your submission in some way.

Feel free to ask me below, or at my email address if you have any questions! Also feel free to reblog the post I just made, cross-posting this call for submissions to tumblr.

For November 2020, the theme I chose is “Commitment”. The prompts below are meant to help give you ideas of various directions you could take your submissions, but the topic is meant to be broad so anything that the word inspires, even if it has nothing to do with any of the prompts below, is welcome!

The dictionary of “commitment” that I was imagining would be most likely to be focused on:

n. The state of being emotionally or intellectually devoted, as to a belief,
a course of action, or another person.

There are also other common definitions, such as:

n. A pledge or obligation, as to follow a certain course of action.

There are other definitions of the word, especially if you expand to the verb “commit”, such as “committing a crime”, which you are welcome to explore if you’re interested. However, the prompts I have below are mostly based on the first two definitions I just listed up above.


  1. How do you, as a person who is aromantic or on the aromantic spectrum, feel about committed partnership or other kinds of commitments in interpersonal relationships? Do you have friendships that contain commitment? Do you make a conscious choice to have uncommitted dynamics, and prefer a lack of commitment?
  2. Do you want more or less commitment in your life than you currently have?
  3. Do you commit ideologically to anything? Do you commit to certain goals? Do you commit to any actions/behaviors?
  4. If you are fluent in one or more languages that aren’t English, does that language/do those languages have different connotations around these ideas, or varied words that would reflect the ideas which we consider wrapped up in “commitment” in English?
  5. Does commitment to a person evoke a sense of safety/security/comfort for you, or perhaps does it evoke a sense of being stifled/stuck/trapped? Are there other ways commitment feels that are quite different, like confusing/nonsensical?
  6. Does a lack of commitment (of any kind) in your life, hypothetically or practically in the present, feel like “freedom”? Or what does it feel like?
  7. If you’ve ever been interested in non-traditional relationship structures, such as friends-with-benefits (FWBs), queerplatonic relationships (QPRs), polyamorous or polyaffectionate dynamics, relationship anarchy, etc – how does or doesn’t “commitment” factor into your plans?
  8. What do you think of the commitment aspect of queenieofaces’ “Five Factor Model of Relationships”? Do you consider any other aspects of the model relevant to the theme of commitment as well? Is there another model of relationships you find useful that might have a commitment component, either in name or in practice?
  9. Are there things you might like to do that might be related to the aro community or aro activism, but which feel like “too much commitment” so you are not pursuing them? Or are there things you definitely don’t want to do and one of the reasons you know you don’t have interest in that is because of the commitment that would be involved? (I’m even thinking things like becoming a parent.)
  10. Are there any things in your life which you realize now are actually commitments, but you never framed them as commitments before?
  11. Are there prejudices against non-partnering aros and/or people of all orientations who choose to remain single that have to do with societal beliefs about commitment, and if so is there something to explore there, such as myths and misconceptions?

Hopefully some of these prompts help inspire you, but feel free to take the carnival topic into any direction you’d like!

The deadline for submissions is the end of the day Monday, November 30th. I will wait to post the round-up post till around 9:00 PM EST on Tuesday December 1st, and if you submit anything later that week, I can edit the post to also include it, but ideally you’ll get your posts in while it’s still November.

Good luck!

Please submit by posting a comment below to this WordPress post, emailing me at, or feel free to direct message luvtheheaven on twitter, luvtheheaven on tumblr, or luvtheheaven#8738 on Discord. I’m around at all these platforms. Within 24 hours of you sharing your submission, you should get a confirmation from me that I’ve received it. If you haven’t, feel free to reach out an additional time.

Good luck with your submissions! And like I said above, feel free to ask if you have any questions.

9 thoughts on “Carnival of Aros – November 2020 Call for Submissions: “Commitment”

  1. Thanks to everyone for their submissions! Not a very large number so it should not be that hard for me to do the roundup. I am late, I know. I am planning to write my own submission really quickly first… as well. So expect the roundup tomorrow sometime, on December 2nd.


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