“The Romance of Friendship” in ScreenPrism’s analysis of the TV series “Friends”

This isn’t a real blog post or anything. I just thought people who are interested in the concepts of:

  • queerplatonic relationships
  • what is romantic vs. platonic
  • What does it mean to value friendships really highly even as an adult?


I felt like you guys might, um, need to see this analysis of the TV series Friends, because wow it presents quite an interesting argument:


Also note I included only Chandler&Joey of the Friends core group as a possible queerplatonic type bond when I hosted my own fanvideo collaboration about queerplatonic-type-bonds on TV shows I know…

(Actually I hosted two fanvideo collaborations about queerplatonic bonds, but this is the collab containing Chandler/Joey.)

(I didn’t vid Chandler/Joey, my friend who vidded them though did capture multiple moments referenced in ScreenPrisim’s later-published analysis video, above.)


Anyway… I just felt like basically “reblogging” someone else’s (or, as I’m pretty sure it’s a team working with ScreenPrism, multiple someone elses’) awesome analysis work and a video I really appreciated. So check it out.

3 thoughts on ““The Romance of Friendship” in ScreenPrism’s analysis of the TV series “Friends”

  1. Well, I don’t think this video is going to convince me not to hate Friends, but it’s good to see someone talking about this stuff. Also, thanks for sharing the QPP video. I’m not familiar with most of those pairings, but it was still fun to watch.


    1. I’ll always love Friends but I also fell in love with it when I was in middle school so that kinda is part of why I’m biased. šŸ˜‰ I respect people who don’t like it! But for me, Friends was very formative in my understanding of what sex itself was too, barring any actually informative sex talks from parents or anything at school that went beyond the reproductive system… Lol.

      I shared both my qpp videos in my other post… I guess this one:
      If you want to watch “Poison & Wine” too which takes a little angstier and more complex approach to qpps…

      So many still got left out but even so…

      Anyway thank you for the comment!!


  2. At 10:10 in this video ish they begin explaining a narrative that left many commenters interpreting Joey on friends as aromantic: https://youtu.be/abPjtpNzO5U

    And in Chandler’s analysis video (they did one for each of the 6 friends) they also comment at some point that Joey is his life partner before Monica.

    Just more… Thoughts. I think it’s fascinating in the Joey video especially how much they unpack his prioritizing of friendship over romance and how quite a few commenters on their own came up with demiromantic, aromantic, etc.


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