“Kissing, Hand Holding, Bed Sharing, etc!” – the May 2017 Carnival of Aces Round Up of all Submissions

(I’ve cross-posted this round-up to my tumblr as well, if you want to reblog it!) The “Carnival of Aces” is a blogging carnival where each month people are invited to write on a specific topic that is related to asexuality/the ace spectrum in some way. Aromanticism is often grouped in as a thing to talk about as well, or even just “instead”, if desired. 😉

Check out the masterpost of all of the other amazing topics previous carnivals have been on: https://asexualagenda.wordpress.com/a-carnival-of-aces-masterpost/

April 2017’s was on “Aromanticism, Asexuality and Parenthood” and received 5 submissions (see all the way at the bottom of that post for some of them) – it was hosted by Ettina over at Abnormaldiversity.

For this current month, May, this was the fourth time that I hosted the carnival, and once again it was a big success! Thank you to ALL of you who submitted.

I tried to choose a broad topic:

Kissing, Hand Holding, Bed Sharing, etc!

and the “etc” was important and part of it too, I swear lol. Feel free to go back to the call for submissions if you’re curious for what I suggested and explained the topic to be.

This month, 10 different people turned in posts, and 1 of those people did their submission in two parts.

One other person claimed not to have enough to say in order to write a post for the Carnival but did write a great paragraph response on their thoughts on the topic and gave me permission to include it here as well. (So you’ve got 12 links to click. )

I’ll (sort of) try to group them by theme:

We’ve got the general replies to thoughts on the whole Carnival.

Lib at is the person who didn’t turn in a post but whose thoughts near the beginning of their A “Catch Up” Post I felt would be good to share with you all. Most of that blog post is unrelated to the Carnival, but near the beginning there is a paragraph that sums up Lib’s feelings on most displays of affection:


Isaac at mundo heterogéneo wrote this month about his thoughts on all three things in the title of the theme — kissing, holding hands, and bed sharing:

Blue Ice-Tea over at Ace Film Reviews wrote Growing Up Platoniromantic: Kissing, Hand-Holding, Bed-Sharing, etc.


Ettina’s posts at her Abnormaldiversity blog are the results of a Survey on Romantic Attraction posted to the AVEN and Arocalypse forums, a survey which received responses from 86 people. Only 37.2% of the respondents said yes to experiencing romantic attraction, and the survey touches on a lot of actions, experiences with them, and whether specific actions are desired or not. It goes along with my entire theme quite well:

Part 1:


Part 2:

Then we have a few posts about “touch” in general, cuddling, feelings toward being physical with others:

(Purr)ple (L)ace wrote a post that does at least briefly discuss all three parts of the carnival’s subject line (kissing, hand-holding, bed sharing) but mainly is about touch in general. Her post is Accepting my Touch-Aversion:


Rachel’s guest post this month was untitled, but starts off: “I define myself, broadly speaking, as sex-averse, romance-averse, and touch-averse, but the more that I think about it, separating these repulsions into neat and tidy categories really doesn’t make sense. The three blend so easily into each other that I can’t conclude which is causing which.”


Kasey Weird at Valprehension wrote Casual physical intimacy, and “cuddle dialogue”!:


We have the posts about bed-sharing.

Sara K. who blogs over at The Notes Which Do Not Fit wrote Something about Bedsharing:


and Delightfully Subversive also has an untitled submission, so again I’ll quote the beginning of it: “It took me a really long time to figure out I was ace because physical intimacy and touch are a really important part of who I am.” This post is about general physical intimacy, including bed-sharing.


Finally we have the posts that discuss kissing (aversion) a little more in-depth.

Erin, over at The Feral Child’s Guide, wrote An Ace’s First Kiss, Narrowly Averted:


and finally we have my (luvtheheaven’s) post here on my own blog, which is all over the place about touch in general and could’ve been grouped above too, with the other 3 posts about touch in general, but my post talks more about kissing than most posts in this carnival and I suppose I simply wanted to group it with the only other kissing(-aversion)-centric blog post. 😛

Kissing Aversion, but Demi-Sensual About Other Touch:


If you have a post you’d like to turn in late, if you notice I’ve forgotten to include a link to a submission, or if you have anything else you’d like to ask me or tell me about last month’s carnival, please feel free to let me know in the comments below! You can also still email me at pemk7@aol.com or contact me on tumblr (I’m luvtheheaven over there too).

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