100 Words of Prose, Prompt: Clocks

The concept was always framed with a presupposition; there would of course come a point in time when I’d be ready. When that time came, I needed to be armed with knowledge. I must brace for the emotional consequences. It was an inevitability.So I learned. For over a decade of my life, I prepared. I absorbed more information than was really necessary. I planned ahead.

But society was wrong. Maybe all along I’d been a broken clock. I’d felt stuck. I tried to push myself forward.

As it turns out, though, I am the flower doomed to never bloom.

(I wrote this for the 100 words community on imzy in September 2016. Posts had to be exactly 100 words and the prompt that week was “Clocks”. The post was untitled, I decided to share it here now. Didn’t feel like coming up with a title.)

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