Sexualized Language

This old post from The Thinking Aro (formerly The Thinking Asexual) is something I mainly agree with so I’m going to reblog it. Generally please remember to read everything this person writes with a grain of salt – read critically and acknowledge that sometimes they are wrong. In fact sometimes VERY wrong. They are elitist in many of their writings and make a lot of generalizations about all romantic-sexual people, and they don’t allow any comments on their posts these days and haven’t for quite a while. That all being said, sometimes they’re the only person to have written on some… really interesting topics, especially concerning aromanticism. It certainly frustrates ME that a few of these words are assumed to have a romantic or sexual meaning in contexts where it’s intuitive to me to use them in non-sexual, non-romantic ways.


2 thoughts on “Sexualized Language

  1. Thanks for reblogging this! I unfollowed the original blog a while back for the reasons you cited, but yeah, sometimes they hit on important stuff! And being more precise in my language around these things, specifically to avoid making ace and aro* experiences invisible, is something I’ve been trying to work on myself, so the reminder is helpful 🙂

    *autocorrect literally just changed aro to android? Wtf?

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