Carnival of Aces: April 2014 Round-Up of Everything Submitted!!

Hey, everybody! It was my honor to host the Carnival last month, and I posted a very long call for submissions about the theme I’d chosen, “Analogies to an Asexual Experience”:

And WOW a lot of you managed to submit something! Thank you so much. I worried after seeing how few submissions there were in March, but you guys impressed me and really came through.

Without further ado, here’s what was submitted this month.

queenieofaces wrote Asexuals aren’t “just like everyone else, minus the sexual attraction” and allow me to quote a small section:

“I cannot imagine a world in which I am not asexual.  If I were not ace, my interactions, perceptions, experiences, and sense of self would be so radically different that I simply cannot imagine a world in which I am not ace and yet am still me.  This is the issue with so many of the asexuality-related analogies out there.  When you try to use liking or not liking cake as an analogy for asexuality, you’re not talking about an identity of the magnitude of asexuality.”

On the heels of that post, I don’t think this was written with the Carnival in mind but it includes an analogy: “Because I feel the same way as Queenie does: my asexuality is an inherent part of my identity, something that can’t just be detached. If I can furnish you with an analogy, asexuality is like a cog in a machine: everything turns with it, and although there are also many other cogs, they all depend on each other to keep turning. The asexuality cog can’t turn on its own, and without it, nothing else turns either.” So hopefully Jo doesn’t mind me mentioning her post here in this compilation… 😉 I think it applies too. And it was written in April. But back to only the things actually submitted for the carnival…

Regarding aromanticsm, ifisaysayred posted a quote from The Amber Spyglass by Phillip Pullman, and explained it.

Carmilla DeWinter over at Der Torheit Herberge wrote A rare beast (version written in German is here) about a certain rare personality type being compared to the rare thing which is asexuality.

Hezekiah the (meta)pianycist wrote about being asexual and being autistic.

2cq5 submitted a poem called “Lipstick”, which I guest hosted here on my own blog.

Shokubutsujin over at Something Queer to Read wrote about Asexuality, video games and the future.

I (luvtheheaven) wrote Lack of Awareness/Education Leads to False Assumptions… aka It Would’ve Been Great to Have Heard of that Term Sooner! and discussed growing up with an abusive mother who suffered from undiagnosed mental illnesses/a personality disorder but never knowing about personality disorders even existing, and also growing up unaware of asexuality’s existence.

The Ace Theist wrote What do we need a word like “semi-arid” for? which is a great way that the gray spectrum/demisexuality/etc. was included this month, it’s short and I highly recommend giving it a read…

Stormy explained two analogies that she commonly uses when explaining to people both what asexuality is and how asexuality feels. (A car in neutral, and an abandoned alien! It makes sense once you read what she has to say.)

And finally, (or well, the final 2…) Sara K. over at The Notes Which Do Not Fit wrote An Analogy About Abstinence, discussing abstaining from drinking alcohol and abstaining from sex, and I wrote about the same thing right here with There’s a Reason It’s Called a “Virgin” Cocktail!! 😉

I think that’s everything, but if I accidentally left you out, please post a comment below, or tweet me @luvtheheaven or something and let me know! I can also update this post with new links if anyone wants to submit something late. That’s fine! Just let me know.

Update: Nutmeg over at jarofnutmeg submitted a wonderful little analogy about a room full of meat-eaters and the few vegetarians…. well just read it for yourself lol… this was submitted late, on May 17th:


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